Good earth, expert hands, the best technology. These are our ingredients.

Mixing them with passion and care we get excellent products for your pleasure.



Perelli olive oil is traditional production of the company.

Its quality has long been known throughout the Valdambra, like that of the Valdambra oil it is all over the world. It is in fact not only a good, healthy extra virgin olive oil, produced and pressed with the best technologies available with the utmost respect for the territory, but also and above all an oil rich in beneficial properties. Its high concentration of polyphenols makes it in fact a product capable of exerting antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-atherogenic actions. A real wellness elixir, as well as a healthy, nutritious product capable of giving body and character wherever it is placed.

The 2019 production of Perelli olive oil (EVOO) realized 0.25 liter bottles that can be purchased directly from the company using the contact form.

Our wines

The long tradition in the production of wine that characterizes the history of Perelli, in 2018 is enriched with technology, a new vision of the desire to create a wine of superior quality.

This objective has been pursued and will soon lead to the creation of 3 new red wine lines and 1 new white wine line.


Le Forme is characterized by its being immediate and vivacity. A wine mainly Sangiovese that gives pleasure, freshness and a wide range of flavors.


Alcoholic fermentation took place in cement with 15-20 days of maceration on the skins, followed by malolactic fermentation. The aging process is going on in tanks of concrete for 10 months, then followed by refinement for a few months in the bottle.


A fresh and light wine coming mainly from Tuscan Trebbiano grapes.
“Le Luci” are the women of Perelli farm and like them this wine wants to be elegant, but at the same time lively and full of energy.


Alcoholic fermentation took place in stainless steel vats. The wine doesn’t make the malolactic fermentation and continued its refinement in stainless steel for 10 months, then followed by refinement for a few months in the bottle.

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